Centralized Translation Process

IP Translation Services Process Overview

MultiLing’s innovative streamlined processes consolidate translation and other foreign patent filing tasks to interactive and specialized MultiLing teams that report to enterprise project owners. Working in partnership with MultiLing, Global 500 legal teams experience increased patent filings, decreased office actions, reduced invalidation risk, and faster time to grant.

Streamlined Translation Processes

MultiLing deploys a unique, centralized translation model that benefits enterprises migrating from a traditional, outdated model.

Traditional to Streamlined

Many of MultiLing’s clients migrated to MultiLing from an inefficient traditional model comprising dozens of translation teams around the globe – each managed locally, without coordinated project management or cross-team collaboration. This outdated model often leads to higher costs, an increase in human error, lower productivity and a general absence of transparency in project advancement and deadlines.

MultiLing overcomes these weaknesses by consolidating translation tasks.  We have moved away from independent teams and agents managed by a hierarchy of enterprise employees and toward interactive MultiLing teams that report to enterprise project owners.

With this streamlined translation and foreign patent filing model, MultiLing maximizes enterprise budgets with increased volumes of quality translations produced by fewer employees and external agents. This gives enterprise customers a strategic advantage over competitors.