MultiLing Sponsorship: IP World Summit, Amsterdam

IP World Summit MultiLing







At the Intellectual Property World Summit (September 25-27, 2017) you’ll find the tools you need to successfully navigate today’s increasingly complex and volatile market and MultiLing is proud to be a part of it.

So far this year, the UK has triggered Article 50, countries around Europe have ratified the UPS, businesses are challenging the status quo of most industries and the Chinese IP system continues to prove its seriousness. Now more than ever, IP leaders find themselves in a position where a rethink of global strategies is a must.

Learn from over 60 world class companies that have successfully executed on strategy and delivered substantial improvements.

Download the 2017 agenda to see when you can hear from 60+ expert speakers on the latest IP trends.

As proud sponsors of this event we are offering a 15% discount on your conference ticket. Simply use the promo code MLTNG15 when purchasing your pass here.

While you’re there, come find one of our European representatives, or contact us below to set up an appointment with one of our patent specialists!