Prior Art Translation

Use our experienced network of translators for prior art translation.

Main benefits

Reduce Risk

The quality of prior art translation can impact how you interpret a patent and the decisions you make for patent protection. Don’t risk it. Bring in an expert MultiLing translator instead.

Reduce Costs

Don’t pay a premium to translate documents you don’t intend to publish. We offer a discounted Reference Quality service using our network of highly qualified, expert linguists.

Simplify for the Future

As your translation partner, not only do we help now, but we continue to build client-specific translation memory that improve the consistency of your translations and reduces overhead by creating process efficiencies.

Don’t let prior art slow you down.

An International Search Report may turn up prior art that requires translation. Often, this can turn into a major roadblock. Machine translation may not be the best option, but our Reference Quality translation will satisfy the need without breaking the bank.

This gives you access to our network of experienced translators who have advanced degrees in your industry or technology. The result is a clear understanding of any prior art, so you can make better decisions on IP protection. When it comes to translating prior art, we’re a partner you can trust.

Success Story

Ryan Marshall, Patent Attorney and Managing Shareholder, Brinks.

“An effective IP translation service provider can leverage its resources and best practices in more jurisdictions than possible with one foreign agent, in part enabling patent rights in more geographic cases for the same cost — or even significantly lower,”

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