The future of
IP translation is here.

MultiLing has created a new future for patent translation services with a cloud platform that improves everything from process to speed with artificial intelligence and automation.

The Intelligent Process Management Platform

Welcome to the future of IP translation.

Our platform consists of two parts. First, it’s a centralized digital process management platform. You can enter in a new request on the go, and it offers constant transparency where you can track your projects at every step. Behind the scenes, it’s the central hub for the Questel project managers and language specialists working on your project. It automates tasks and keeps everything running smooth. Not only does it centralize all management, but it also offers advanced reporting on all your projects.

Second, our platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to continually improve the patent translation process. It’s more than just translation software, it manages the translation memory specific to each client.

Client-specific glossaries and translation memory are updated with each new project. The result is a faster translation that is extremely accurate while saving you time and resources.

Digital workflows and artificial intelligence makes our platform the best in the industry—and you benefit from this innovation with every translation.

Project entry

In the old system, getting a project started was only half the effort. Tracking down resources and getting everyone coordinated wasted an immense amount of time. With You can instantly access our online portal and input your requirements with minimal effort. Once it’s in the system, it automates the process by contacting all the right people, and and they take it from there. You feel assured knowing the project is being taken care of and you can now focus on more important tasks.


Throughout the process, you no longer have to follow up with multiple companies just to find out the status of your filing. On our cloud platform, you have complete transparency every step of the way. You know the current status and a history of what’s been done. And it takes only moments to get the info you need for update meetings.

Project management

Beyond transparency with tracking, our platform automates the other elements of project management. You have access to all expenses, timelines, and relevant documents associated with your case. You no longer have to hunt down these items because they’re all organized and available from your account.


With everything in a centralized location, you now have the ability to run reports for stakeholders. You can share cost breakdowns, timelines, and other reports that help keep your team up to date. This allows you to better manage resources and see where you can expand or make improvements.

More than a process, it’s a complete system.

Beyond the benefits of a centralized system, we’ve added improved technology including artificial intelligence, so our smart system can speed up the process for you.

Thanks to our technology and experts, Global 500 legal teams have experienced increased patent filings, decreased office actions, reduced invalidation risk, and faster time to grant. You are no longer disconnected, but have access to all your projects across our global offices, maximizing coordination and efficiency. You work with a talented project management team who can make the most of your translation budget with the highest translation standards. In short, you get the strategic advantages without any of the headache.

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