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Meet with MultiLing

MultiLing representatives are participating in a variety of events this quarter and we’d love to see you! Contact us at request @ multiling.com to make an appointment at one of the following shows:

AIPLA | Washington, D.C. | Oct. 23-25 | Booth 17

Patent Information Fair | Tokyo, Japan | Nov. 5-7

IP Service World | Munich, Germany | Nov. 24-25
ML_AIPLA booth_2013

MultiLing Talks IP Translation with AIPLA Attendees

ML_AIPLA booth_2013

MultiLing Reps Mingle with AIPLA Attendees

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) annual meeting is underway in Washington, D.C! As the innovative leader in IP translations and related services for foreign patent filings, MultiLing is on site to connect with the attorneys who help make it all happen.

Stop by Booth #18 to meet MultiLing reps, and while you are there be sure to enter our “Apple a Day” drawing for a chance to win some great Apple products.

Why MultiLing? The company’s innovative best practices use centralized processes to streamline translation and other patent filing tasks to interactive teams that report to an enterprise project owner. Working in partnership with MultiLing, legal teams experience:

  • An increased volume of patent filings produced with fewer employees and external agents, as well as
  • Decreased office actions,
  • Reduced invalidation risk, and
  • Faster time to grant.

Read more about MultiLing’s services in these articles:

The AIPLA meeting offers opportunities to connect with others in the IP industry from around the world. Session topics range from Evolving IP Rights in China to IP Issues Facing Government R&D Contractors. #aiplaam2013