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The Human Value in Document Translation – Even When Done by Machine

New reports forecast growth of the machine translation market at nearly 25 percent in the next four years, with technological improvements likely along the way. With such expectations, It’s tempting to believe computers will soon perform professional document translation services well enough that there soon will be no need for human translators.

UnknownBut Jeremy Coombs, senior vice president of operations at MultiLing, shares why he believes it’s not time yet to give up on humans in the near future. In an article for the GALA blog he outlines how humans who specialize in their native languages, cultures and fields of expertise still need to be involved in the majority of translations, even while technology such as machine translation plays an important role in making valuable content in one language accessible to all.

MultiLing-Jeremy-Coombs-en“The need for and value of human translators is especially true for intellectual property, particularly patent applications, where even one mistranslated word can result in invalidated patents and millions of lost revenue.”

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