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Basic Tips for IP Translations in Asian Languages

© Toa555 | Dreamstime.com - Asian Lanterns Photo

© Toa555 | Dreamstime.com – Asian Lanterns Photo

Translating to and from Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, has a unique set of challenges. A 2013 study conducted by the Steinbeis Transfer Institute of Stuttgart, Germany, showed that patent errors happen most often with these Asian languages. While not impossible to overcome the challenges of IP translations into Asian languages, enterprises currently seeking to do business in these Asian countries often experience years of lost revenue due to longer time-to-grant for their patents, more office actions and limited scopes of patent rights.

IPFrontline-scaled-logoIn a recent article published in IP Frontline, Adam Bigelow, Asia regional director for MultiLing, outlines several tips for filing patents in each of the countries.

“Having an expert in each country that not only knows the language, but also the culture and filing process of each country – including where to find case histories and related art – is critical. Those filing for patent protection, however, should be familiar with key requirements in these three countries to facilitate patent protection.”

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