MultiLing – A Translation and Localization Company

A Localization Company – Reaching Your Global Audience

The quality of an organization’s technical materials drastically influences the reader’s perception of the organization, and subsequently, the quality of its products. As a result, it is not enough to translate word for word. Each piece of material must be localized in a way that elicits the same reaction in the target countries as was intended in its original language. MultiLing makes this possible with highly specialized translators who intimately know the technical nature of your project and the language – and specific nuances – of their native country to ensure accuracy. MultiLing specializes in translating as a localization company.


MultiLing’s experienced terminologists, translators, engineers, and linguists combine efforts in a team approach to produce localized software products for international needs. From simple string translations to re-engineering enterprise systems, software localization is a complex project that demands a wide variety of resources.

MultiLing possesses extensive experience with a variety of both commercial and proprietary localization tools including Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows and HTML help compilers, Catalyst, and various multimedia editors. MultiLing works with various operating systems and platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX. MultiLing also demonstrates broad experience in the localization of information in essentially any type of format and has experience working with software and software security companies that require a knowledge and familiarity with the Trusted Computer Group and the Trusted Platform Module.

MultiLing helps its clients quickly release high-quality products into international markets simultaneously, thus increasing the client’s market share and profit, and contributing to their prestigious international reputation.


  • Works with in-development projects, completed versions, or released products
  • Supports NLS (National Language Support) for most languages
  • Implements the multi-language support in your software
  • Implements solutions on any development language, and on various operating systems
  • Separates the software and language support
  • Provides an elegant, structured approach ensuring modularity, maintainability, and upgrade needs
  • Ensures the menus, controls and reports are in perfect alignment with specific attention to aesthetics and presentation
  • Tests and evaluates before delivery

Above all, your valuable software development resources will not be occupied during any of these stages.


Patent translation requires expert knowledge in both the source and target countries. MultiLing offers experienced linguists to ensure proper sentence structure, correct syntax, and appropriate word selection.


For many companies, website globalization becomes inevitable. As websites become increasingly more complex, however, so does the challenge of Web globalization. MultiLing works with globalization projects that require the manipulation of several file formats such as HTML, Java, C++, etc. And of course, testing and quality assurance is always present in our process. With the most experienced team of terminologists, translators, engineers, and linguists, MultiLing pays attention to every detail to ensure that the globalized website accurately represents your corporate image in the target overseas markets.


Regardless of their type or purpose (marketing documentation, technical manual, training material, etc.), technical documents need to be localized following a well-defined and thorough process to ensure the same understanding in each individual target country.


Using meticulous quality assurance standards, we test every feature of your software product. Supervision of quality and regular spot-checks by engineers throughout the process lead to little or no corrections at compilation time – relieving stress and allowing you to meet deadlines with confidence. MultiLing also devotes special care to the challenge of updating software, which is required for nearly every localization project.

We offer software testing processes and methodologies that help you achieve predictable, improved product quality levels. We have highly experienced teams of test engineers who know industry-specific testing requirements. We also offer a variety of testing levels and types, including linguistic, cultural, cosmetic, functional, and regression testing, which are part of the quality assurance process. MultiLing is capable of supporting a large array of software file types, including resource or string files, properties files, HTML, XML, and help systems.


Audio and video localization definitely presents unique challenges, especially when trying to match program length and lip synchronization.  Not only is translation required, but transliteration is often employed as well – paraphrasing in such a way that the content remains accurate while still maintaining the same feel as the original message.  Translators and narrators must also be native speakers of the specific language and proficient in the ongoing idiomatic changes to both English and their respective languages. In addition, the narrator’s vocal delivery must contain absolutely no accent. MultiLing only chooses audio/video presenters that meet the above requirements.