Video Edit: “Centralized Translation is Key to Successful IP”

In April we were reporting about Michael Sneddon’s presentation during the 2012 Global IP Exchange Conference (IQPC) in Munich. “Centralized translation is a primary key to successfully addressing the increased processing rate of national and international patent applications” was one of his key messages during a one-hour presentation. Michael partnered with Hirohito Katsunuma, president of Japanese law firm Kyowa Patent and Law Office, to present best practices that have proven successful for large companies that are successfully globalizing their current businesses.
MultiLing staff has now provided an edited version of the TV interview with MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon on youtube. The interview was conducted by Achim von Michel, MultiLing’s PR Director Europe.

See the edited version of the video (2:24 min) on youtube. Please click HERE.

The complete presentation and the full interview can still be watched HERE.