Global Expertise

Global IP Translation Services

MultiLing leads the way in creating best practices for IP translation services and related support for foreign patent filings. We significantly increase quality and productivity while decreasing the risk associated with handing your patents over to disparate translation providers working individually across the globe. This is a result of MultiLing’s innovative streamlined model, which incorporates five elements vital to every multinational IP translation project.

These elements are critical for today’s Global 500 legal teams and patent law firms, specifically when many of the world’s largest patent filers are consolidating patent work to fewer law firms. This requires the firms to oversee a larger number of disconnected in-country translation service providers, which often leads to increased errors and risks.

To decrease these risks, enterprises are increasingly turning to MultiLing to provide a centralized point of contact for translation project management and document repository.

MultiLing consolidates translation tasks to interactive MultiLing teams managed by MultiLing project managers that coordinate with your in-country law firms.

As a result, our Global 500 clients are reporting:

  • Increased patent filings with the same budget
  • Higher quality translations
  • Reduced administrative, maintenance and data handling costs
  • Faster time to grant
  • Fewer office actions
  • Reduced litigation risk

Check out how Procter & Gamble has been using MultiLing since 2000.