Fast Track to Globalization: Becoming a Key Provider to Top Global Firms

MultiLing President and CEO Michael Sneddon authored a business article that first appeared on Business 2 Community yesterday. Titled Fast Track to Globalization: Becoming a Key Provider to Top Global Firms, the article highlights Sneddon’s leadership in growing MultiLing into a top IP translation services company around the world.

Michael Sneddon, CEO of MultiLing Corp.

“If you’re lucky enough to already be working with a multinational enterprise, your path to global success will be more clearly marked,” writes Sneddon. “If not, make obtaining a strong partnership with a multinational enterprise a top priority before even considering the global step.

“Once you’re on board with a multinational enterprise, with the goal of taking your own business global, your research really begins.  Consider some lessons we learned from our partnerships with multinational enterprises.”

Sneddon outlines three considerations for companies planning their global expansion:

  1. Make strategic decisions about where to open your international offices. Consider what makes most sense for your clients and  your business.
  2. Think locally in terms of new cultures, regulations and practices.
  3. Continue to provide the best quality work, so you will be trusted to do even more.

“Ultimately, working with a global enterprise will give you the relationships and experience your company needs to quickly grow into a global business yourself.  While the challenges of running a global business are different for each company – and in each country – we have found that it gets easier each time we open a new office, and should likewise become easier for your business as well,” concluded Sneddon.