Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from all your friends at MultiLing! Enjoy a little Christmas fun with these patents that may help your holiday celebrations be more innovative, or at least somewhat unique.

US20130021788A1 [EN] Personal Energy Christmas Ornaments
personal energy ornament[EN] A method is disclosed for personalizing a Christmas ornament by associating the ornament with a store of energy harvested from the body of at least one person and/or animal subject. An energy storage device charged with the harvested energy, referred to as personal energy herein, is operatively associated with an electronic device comprised in a Christmas ornament. The ornament can be additionally personalized with conventional personalization elements, such as indicia or photography, to identify and further associate with the Christmas ornament the person and/or animal whose energy powers the ornament’s electronic device. The especially intimate nature of harvested personal energy enhances the sentimental and social expression values of the Christmas ornament.Inventor: MAYES WILLARD ALAN, US 

Publication date:  24.01.2013


US D678814 S [EN] Christmas ornament with motorcycle motif
motorcycle motifClaim: [EN] The ornamental design for a Christmas ornament with a motorcycle motif, as shown and describedInventor: GILLIGAN BRIAN J, US 

Publication date:  26.03.2013

sport christmasAbstract: [EN] A sport Christmas kit includes an artificial Christmas tree having a trunk segment with bristled branches depending generally downwardly and radiating in different directions about the circumference of the trunk segment. A tree stand retains the trunk segment of the artificial Christmas tree in an upright position on a support surface. A sport helmet is put on the top of the tree. A plurality of lights representing a specific color and specific sport team is adorned about the bristle branches of the artificial Christmas tree. A plurality of ornaments, J-shape candies representing the specific sport are hung on the bristle branches of the artificial Christmas tree, whereby a sport fan can indicate and display their favorite sport team therefrom. The lights are flashed in 1-3 seconds programmable delay.Inventor: BACHORSKI RONALD, US 

Publication date:  07.02.2013


US20120171394 A1 [EN] Artificial Christmas Tree and Antler Apparatus
antlerAbstract: [EN] An artificial Christmas tree with an array of imitation animal antlers incorporated into the tree to serve as additional branches. The purpose of the incorporated animal antler branches is to provide structural support to the tree so that the device can hold a multitude of Christmas ornaments. The antlers serve as strong branches and can support the weight of several heavy Christmas ornaments at once on each animal antler branch, while providing an ornamental and novel looking tree device for supporting hanging articles and Christmas decoration. Each antler has plurality of elongated prongs, allowing a user to place many ornaments on a single antler without resulting in deflection thereof. The antlers strength keeps the branches from drooping under the weight of the decorations, which leaves the Christmas tree aesthetically pleasing to the eye and particularly attractive for animal hunters and enthusiasts. Inventor: BARTO BENJAMIN C 

Publication date:  05.07.2012

compost tree bag[EN] The present invention relates to systems and methods for encasing, transporting and disposing a natural tree in a manner most conducive to protecting the environment. More particularly, the invention relates to systems and methods using a compostable, biodegradable bag large enough to encase a tree for handling it in transport and in disposal. Though there are several different embodiments of biodegradable bags that may be used for the design, this disclosure covers two embodiments: a top-down approach, wherein the bag is sheathed over the tree starting from the top, and a bottom-up one where the trunk fits through an aperture  in the bag, and is then cloaked upwards around the tree. In either case, the bag is then sealed and fastened. Inventor: GADDIS SEAN 

Publication date:  28.06.2012