“I Know We Will All Need to Work Hard and Smart” – Interview with Angela Favia, MultiLing Country Manager Italy

How long have you been with the company? 

I started working for MultiLing as a freelance reviewer in April 2004. At that time, the Italian team only had one language team leader. The requests for Italian translations rapidly increased, and the team leader needed to expand her staff. She offered me a career as a reviewer/translator. I had recently returned from 18 months of service in the United States and spoke and read English fluently. I have always loved the English language and wanted to further develop my skills. I was excited to accept the opportunity to work in this multicultural environment.

What is your oldest memory of the company?  

The memory that stands out the most is one that was very challenging for me. After only a couple of months on the job, I had the opportunity to cover the office by myself while my language team leader was on a two-week vacation. During these two weeks, I worked alone and had to accommodate and plan around the Provo, Utah, time zone, where our headquarters is located. This meant I was working very late at night Italian time.

When did the office in Italy open?  

The MultiLing office in Italy opened officially in March 2008. This achievement was a realization of our intended goal set early in the development of the company. Prior to that date we worked as freelance employees.

What have been your roles and responsibilities in the past and now?  

As I previously said, I first started as an Italian reviewer before a patent project coordinator. After a couple of years, the MultiLing office in Italy became more than just operational when we started sales efforts in Italy as well. My role then changed into business development manager. I had the chance to travel a lot to meet new potential clients and develop our presence in Italy. Last year in July, our former country manager left and I was asked to lead the Italian office. I am honored to fulfill this assignment and to be trusted with such a responsibility.

What is unique about working with Italy corporations on translation projects?  

We represent and work with large world-wide corporations based in Italy.  This has given us the opportunity to help them communicate with their clients, promote their products and expand their growth.

What do you like about working at MultilIng?  

I really enjoy working with our Italian team, which is comprised of highly skilled professionals. It often doesn’t feel like work because we share not only goals but thoughts and ideas to improve and grow our company.  We treasure the history of MultiLing and appreciate the foundation that has been laid but we also plan and look forward to a glorious future.

How has MultiLing changed since you started?  

For the past nine years, I have witnessed steady growth of the entire MultiLing company. If I focus on the changes for MultiLing in Italy, the current status is the realization of what started as a dream and is now a reality of a strong, vibrant branch of MultiLing.

What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment(s) since you started with MultiLing? 

Through the different assignments and responsibilities I’ve had the past nine years, my language skills have been strengthened and I’ve learned about different cultures. I am now comfortable dealing with worldwide clients, translators and colleagues. I have also learned how to manage and coordinate my career and my family life.

How have you seen the company change in the last year?  

I have witnessed big changes with more emphasis on marketing and sales. We have great leaders and our team has grown and been strengthened this past year. I feel we really have the “right people on the bus.” We are lead by great individuals who understand the importance of team work, and I can honestly say we all enjoy our work.

How have you seen the company change since you started? 

I have seen a new focus on technology, improving processes and better communication all while growing rapidly.

How do you expect the company to change this year, its 25th anniversary? 

I believe all global teams will be involved with the rapid growth path MultiLing is on.  I know we will all need to work hard and smart but also have fun while we develop new markets and large clients.

Where do you hope the company and industry are 25 years from now? 

Prior to reading this question, I can’t say that I’ve given much thought about 25 years from today. However, I am a positive person and I’m sure MultiLing will not lose focus of its market.   I believe it will continue to have an important role in the translation marketplace. This industry will continue to change even more rapidly due to technology but I know the MultiLing teams will continue to offer a “beyond words” service to its worldwide clients – even 25 years from today!


Angela Favia, Country Manager MultiLing Italy

Angela Favia, Country Manager MultiLing Italy