IP News Roundup: China opens IP center, America’s IP exceeds $5 trillion

A summary of IP and patent news around the world.

Pirates beware as China opens first intellectual property center

The law firm Rouse recently linked up with the prestigious Tsinghua University to launch China’s first intellectual property center in Beijing, which aims to support the 31,000 current students and all past alumni of the university, as well as local businesses in the Haidian district of the capital where Tsinghua is located, with developing and commercializing their ideas. Read more

America’s IP Worth More than $5 Trillion, Reports U.S. Chamber

The U.S. Chamber reported this week that America’s IP is worth more than $5 trillion. How did it come up with this figure? According to the article, IP-intensive industries—everything from movies to manufacturing—account for nearly 35% of total U.S. GDP. They support 40 million American jobs, which pay 42% more than jobs that rely less on IP. They are responsible for more than 60% of all U.S. exports, to the tune of $775 billion. If you add it all up, America’s IP is worth more than $5 trillion. Read more

US Faults China, India Over Intellectual Property

The United States is highlighting failures by China and India to curb intellectual property theft in an annual report that could add to strains in relations between Washington and the two Asian powers. Read more

Patented Boeing Autopilot Technology Questioned in Missing Malaysia Flight MH370

Boeing has a patent for technology that can overtake planes mid-flight from the ground, disabling access to power controls for anyone onboard the aircraft. The patent, which was granted to Boeing years ago, evidences the company’s possession of technology that many have thought to be non-existent. With the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, some are suggesting that remote takeover is a possibility. Read more