IP Watchdog: Five Pillars of Success for IP Translations

IPWatchdog.com is an Internet magazine focusing on the business, policy and substance of patents and other forms of intellectual property. In its current issue, MultiLing COO Lyle Ball gives an insight into the practice of state of the art patent translations. “Translating patents isn’t like translating press releases or whitepapers. These materials can be reworded, adjusted, modified, and reformatted to accommodate linguistic nuances. Patents, however, require very specialized and precise technical and legal language”, says Lyle and continues to discuss the five pillars of success patent attorneys should look for when aiming to achieve an optimum of translation quality:

  • Highly specialized human capital
  • Centralized processes
  • Terminology management
  • Quality control
  • Advanced technology
  • Read the whole article HERE – Lyle concludes that ensuring your translation service providers adhere to these five pillars should help you sleep better.