MultiLing Keeps Pace with Strong Growth in Patent Filings

Michael Sneddon, CEO of MultiLing Corp.The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently released its 2013 edition of the World Intellectual Property IndicatorsAs we wrap up our 25th anniversary year and head into 2014, there are some important trends to note that continue to drive MultiLing’s focus on providing intellectual property (IP) services. WIPO reports that in 2012:

– Global patent filings increased at their strongest rate in nearly two decades – growing 9.2 percent;
– The total number of patents granted worldwide exceeded 1,000,000;
– China topped the ranking for both the source (filings by China) and destination (filed in China) for the four types of IP; and
– Of the top five IP offices worldwide, the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) was alone in recording double-digit growth for each of the four types of IP.

What does this mean for MultiLing? This data fully validates our strategy of being an IP Services provider that focuses on translating patents for international filings and related documentation. This is a growing specialty market where our experience in translating patents, our overseas offices with proximity to the key patent centers of the world, our broad network of highly skilled patent translators – most with advanced degrees, and our specialized processes, including our own technology and IP, give us a strong competitive advantage. This past year, we set – and continue to meet – several objectives to support our company’s growth worldwide.

First, we’ve continued to advance the people, process and technology that will power MultiLing through the decade. This week we issued a press release about our ongoing technology investments, and we will continue to keep you informed about further advancements along these lines.

Second, MultiLing has a strong presence in Asia. More than six years ago, we strategically planned how to best develop these centers of excellence and have carefully grown these offices into multimillion-dollar operations. Our highly specialized staff in China, Korea and Japan are operationally integrated and culturally connected, which is a great benefit as we continue to reach out to Asian enterprises that are filing outside of their region. This is another important turning point for MultiLing. We’ve long been involved in international business, working with translators in multiple countries, as well as with clients that have a global presence. However, with China reporting the most source and destination filings, MultiLing is entering a new era of globalization as we see growth in Asian business, not just from U.S. and European entities filing in that region, but also from Asian enterprises themselves as they seek to protect their IP around the world.

Finally, we are fortunate to work in a market that is valued throughout the world – innovation. New ideas that are brought to market are all associated with a patent, and MultiLing helps make these innovations possible – and protected – around the world.

As we continue to see significant increases in patent filings, especially China, we will further expand our role as the innovative leader in IP translations and related services for foreign patent filings by Global 500 legal teams.

We are truly “beyond words” now and look forward to seeing how much farther we go in 2014. Come experience the journey with us.


Michael Sneddon, President & CEO