Toyota: Internal SNS Translation Service on Trial

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), aiming to encourage greater and more fluid communication between Japanese employees based in Japan and non-Japanese employees at overseas affiliates, has just started a translation service to its global, internal social networking service (SNS).

The SNS Translation Center feature drastically improves accuracy over normal machine translations, due to added real-time translation assistance by operators. In addition, the center’s vocabulary database includes a wealth of Toyota-specific terms and phrases to help improve accuracy.

Operators are on hand to rectify the machine translation when necessary. Meanwhile, the translation software learns terms and phrases corrected by operators, ensuring that the machine translation becomes more accurate the more it is used. The service is offered round-the-clock to Toyota employees registered on Toyota Chatter. The service will initially be run on a trial basis through to the end of July, before full-scale operations begin in August.

With sales and marketing personnel at the forefront, some 8,400 employees worldwide (including 3,200 in North America and 1,700 in Europe) have registered to use Toyota Chatter, increasing the need for seamless and speedy translation services. TMC believes that the translation service will enhance communication among Toyota employees around the world, leading to quicker decision-making and information-sharing. It is envisioned that this enhanced communication will ultimately help to make products and services best suited to consumers.

Read the official press release HERE.