What is the Key to Brand Consistency?

In his latest article, MultiLing’s marketing expert Emmanuel Margetic explains why terminology management is a key success factor for consistency of brands whenever messages are translated into other languages. “Most companies recognize the need to control how they use and replicate their logo, but many do not appreciate the necessity of controlling and managing their brands’ language”, says Emmanuel and adds: “Terminology management is a great way for companies, both domestic and international, to control how their brands are understood by maintaining clear and consistent messages.”

If you would like to know how to get started with an efficient terminology management system in your company, you are invided to read the complete article that was published in CSM Wire in May 2011.

MultiLing has delevolped and maintains its own terminolgy management system under the brand name Semantis® . This software allows you to check the integrity of existing terminology and build new terminology databases for your language translation projects. Semantis® not only captures terms, but it also tracks the source of the term, the date the term was entered, who entered it, and other related information. Semantis® is included as a part of the Fortis (TM) Translation Suite and works with a wide range of languages. Please see the technology section of our homepage for further information.

Have you ever worked with a terminology management system? What were your experiences?