Commercial Patent Translation

Translating Your Critical Commercial Patents

Commercial patent translation is an essential factor when your enterprise decides to go global.

In any industry, your patent ensures that you gain and maintain an advantage over your competitors. Filing for a patent in the U.S. is fairly straightforward, but once you begin eying the global markets, the process becomes infinitely more complicated.

Part of patenting your innovation abroad involves translating your patent into the accepted language of your target jurisdictions. The problem is when enterprises try to make do with several uncoordinated translation teams, once for each new jurisdiction. This usually results in a disjointed, frustrating effort where deadlines are missed, costs soar, and the final translation’s quality tends to be poor and error-ridden.

MultiLing offers a different way, one with a proven track record of successful patent filings. We optimize your spend by increasing the quality and life-value of your patents while simultaneously doubling the number of jurisdictions you want to reach.

MultiLing Has 20 Years’ Experience

MultiLing isn’t the oldest international patent translation company in the industry, but we’ve jumped to the head of the pack thanks to our proficient business practices, our specialized teams, our global connections, and our quality controls.

Over the years we’ve perfected our best practices and created a truly unique process that reduces turnaround time, yields higher-quality results and lowers the costs associated with administration and handling of patents.

Our service has gone on to win the notice of many multinational corporations, allowing us to prove the competency of our service on a grand scale.

MultiLing’s Clients Are Numbered among the Fortune 500

Several of MultiLing’s clients can be found on the Fortune 500 list: IBM, Procter & Gamble, and Dell to name a few. Each enterprise possesses an extensive patent portfolio and is engaged in demanding and fast-paced industries. They turned to us to help them reach their global goals when other translation services fell short.

Our Unique Business Model Gives Us the Edge

MultiLing employs a truly unique business model that gives us a distinct advantage over our competition. Our highly specialized translation teams are the bedrock of our process. They not only are versed in the best translation practices, but also hold advanced degrees in various technical fields so that your translation filings can be handled by translators who are intimately familiar with your industry.

For Commercial Patent Translation Services, Request a Bid from MultiLing

MultiLing delivers commercial patent translation for leading enterprises across the globe. We’re the international translation company that raises the bar for the rest of the industry. No other IP translation company can provide our combination of IP translation expertise, global connections, highly skilled teams and advanced technology. Contact us and request a bid today.