How to Get an International Patent

Is it Possible to Get an International Patent?

If you’re one among many enterprises wondering how to get an international patent, you’re not alone. It’s a costly process, mainly because an international patent does not exist. Companies must file a patent with the country where they wish to obtain a patent, which requires teams of translators collaborating across thousands of miles and communicating in two or three different languages.

However, there is hope as you trudge forward in the international patent filing process: it’s through an international corporate translation company called MultiLing.

Other translation companies can’t offer the network of highly specialized foreign agents, all intimately familiar with the patenting process in their associated jurisdictions. By working closely with these agents, we ensure a patent-filing process that is less stressful and more cost-friendly for you.

With MultiLing’s unqiue centralized model, you only have to correspond with one point of contact. When engaging other translation services, you usually have to coordinate through five or ten various contact points, usually unaffiliated law firms or translators around the world. Through our single point of contact, we ensure a smooth patent prosecution through every step of the process.

Introducing the PCT

Now that you’re aware there’s no such thing as an international patent, it’s time to elaborate on the Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT. A PCT international patent is a method of international patent protection. The PCT provides a process that is unified and uncomplicated, as businesses filing patents according to the PCT’s guidelines only need to file in one language. You also only have to pay one set of fees for the first step of filing and the application search.

Why Recruit MultiLing for Help?

The PCT doesn’t get you the patent; it merely opens the doors to the application system. There are still many steps you must take on a regional and national level in order to validate a patent in another nation.

That’s where MultiLing comes in. We’ve handled the intellectual property filings of enterprises with some of the largest patent portfolios in the world. We operate with the highest working standards among international patent-filing agencies. Whether you choose to file with the PCT or another patent organization, MultiLing’s expertise provides a streamlined and transparent experience, allowing you to keep track of all your pending patents and deadlines.

We are there for the initial application and we also provide support through national/regional phase, which is where we provide the most assistance. During this phase, the highly technical patent documents need to be translated. We make this easy for you by assuming all responsibility during this tricky stage. We deliver accurate, quick translations so you never have to worry about the quality of your translation.

Take Advantage of Our High-Quality Patent Translation Services

If this doesn’t answer your questions on how to get an international patent, please visit our additional pages on IP translation and our patent translation service for information about what it takes to protect your intellectual property. We offer you the professional document translation you need to succeed on the global market. Request a free bid today to learn about all the services we offer.