The Importance of International Corporate Translation Services

Why Global Enterprises Require Global Corporate Translation Services

Going global has always carried with it a set of linguistic barriers. Overcoming these barriers can break the bank for even the most dynamic multinational organization. For this reason, global corporations will turn to an international corporate translation company to handle everything, from legal documents to training manuals to website content.

But not all translation companies provide the same level of service.

Several worldwide powerhouse companies have looked over their patent translation and website localization costs and seen how much of their budget they’ve eaten up, and wondered how to curb costs without reducing translation rate. Reducing translations can severely curtail the rate at which the corporation can grow, and no one wants to be the logjam when it’s the corporation’s successful global expansion at risk.

Problems Plaguing International Corporations

In several past case studies, some involving Fortune 500 companies, MultiLing identified a few common pain points suffered by multinational enterprises when they enlisted corporate translation services:

  1. Non-uniform, decentralized translation with no single point of contract
  2. No terminology management
  3. High fees
  4. High risk of errors
  5. Lack of advanced technological solutions
  6. Difficulty recruiting translators with the necessary subject-matter expertise

How MultiLing Overcomes Your International Translation Challenges

For nearly 30 years, MultiLing has provided high-quality translations for corporations’ most technical and vital documents into 100+ language combinations. We’re the international translation company that meets the technical and legal needs of the world’s most demanding industries.

We provide solutions to corporate translation problems through our unique centralized translation model. The fundamental elements of our unique model include:

  1. Centralized processes. MultiLing provides you with a single point of contact for all your translation projects. This streamlines translation turnaround times and reduces both cost and the risk of errors and delays.
  2. Specialized translators. MultiLing prides itself on the quality of our translators. We ensure that every hand that touches your translation project is intimately familiar with the industry’s subject matter.
  3. Advanced technology. By utilizing our own state-of-the-art translation memory and terminology management software, our translators are able to leverage past translations to trim translation times and improve the quality of those translations.
  4. Quality controls. MultiLing observes the world’s leading certifications and metrics in order to uphold our high standards of corporate translation services.

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MultiLing is the international corporate translation company that specializes in translation services for legal documents and for other highly technical corporate materials. As the leading intellectual property translation company, we also ensure the precise translation and filing of your PCT international patent. Discover more about our language translation services by requesting your free bid today.