International Patents

MultiLing’s Centralized International Patent Process

At present, there is no international patent. There are international patent protections in place to help prevent the theft of vital intellectual property. However, applications to the United Nations patent administration, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), merely paves the way for companies and organizations to patent their processes and intellectual assets on a national level, nation by nation. Within separate countries and jurisdictions, individual international patent applications still need to be filed with the appropriate legal body and in that jurisdiction’s signature language.

In the past, companies seeking international patent help often relied on an inefficient translation process that was usually spearheaded by disparate patent translation teams scattered across the globe, all of them uncoordinated by centralized management and unassisted by cross-team collaboration. The shoddy results of such an outdated method bleeds into every aspect of the international patent filing process, leading to frustrations like excessive costs, delays, missed deadlines, human errors in the translation, little to no transparency into the process, and no centralized point of contact.

MultiLing’s innovative approach to international patent application reduces risk, cost, and time, and opens up the process to customers with a customized client checklist. Using collaborating teams of native speakers, many of them armed with advanced degrees in technical fields, along with cutting-edge translation software and streamlined processes of integrated terminology management, MultiLing delivers accurate, secure patent and technical document translations.

With MultiLing’s unique centralized model, companies are able to double the jurisdictions in which they file their international patents without having to increase their translation services costs. For this reason, many of the world’s largest companies, like Proctor & Gamble and IBM, entrust their important legal and technical documents to MultiLing.

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