IP Translation

Problems with the IP translation Process

Enterprises intent on protecting their intellectual property apply for patents in foreign countries. But patent prosecutions subject these enterprises to significant risks, especially if they are working with unrelated IP translation providers around the world.

The following points outline a few of the problems that coincide with intellectual property (IP) filings:

·         Inaccurate translation of technical documents that can result in the rejection of a patent application

·         A lack of coordination and communication between individual translators

·         Inability to maintain contact with the several providers it takes to complete the patent application process which can cause translation errors or timeliness issues

·          Working with mediocre translators who don’t know the technical terminology

MultiLing’s High-Quality IP Translation Services

By working with MultiLing, you won’t have to worry about these risks because we simply avoid them with our team of specialized IP translation experts. We only hire translators who are native speakers working in their home countries and who are motivated to learn the latest terminology and developments that are related to the clients’ niche. Not only that, but they have advanced degrees in technical fields and know the process of patent application and translation.

The best part is you can keep track of who is working on translating your IP documents and you know what step he or she is on in the process. You’ll never wonder who to contact if you have any questions. 

Optimal IP Translation through Centralized Terminology

One of the qualities that sets us apart from other intellectual property translation companies is our standard for using predefined terminology. We have terminology management teams that focus on becoming specialists on an enterprise’s unique vocabulary. They do this by

1.       Studying and developing terminology records

2.       Reviewing and editing terminology consistently

3.       Creating and executing style guides

Memorizing an enterprise’s terminology is critical in the translation process. Without the knowledge of certain specialized terms, the translated documents will not be fool proof.

Why You Can Trust MultiLing with IP Translation

MultiLing provides world-class assistance throughout the entire IP translation process, from translating patent applications to translating non-patent documents and claims that are part of Article 19 and 24 amendments of the PCT.

So if you’re lost on how to get an international patent, we’re the patent translation service that can help. We also take you through the steps of localization and professional document translation. Discover all that we have to offer by requesting your free bid today.