IP Translation Expertise

 Protect Your Vital IP Documents with IP Translation Expertise

To safeguard your intellectual property (IP) during a multinational expansion, your enterprise needs IP translation expertise.

Your intellectual property is the advantage you hold over others in your industry. It represents your enterprise’s innovations and advances. A patent presents legal guidelines that help prevent thieves from stealing your IP. But filing patent applications can be a tiresome and expensive obstacle requiring extensive documentation, registration forms and supporting materials – including error-free translations due by a set deadline.

MultiLing has over 25 years’ experience in this process and has perfected a centralized model that leaves all other IP translation companies behind. Our combination of specialized teams, terminology management, filing pathways and advanced technology has made us the preferred choice for Fortune 500 juggernauts like IBM and Procter & Gamble.

Specialized IP Translators

Native speakers working from their home countries form the bedrock of our unique centralized model. But when processing your IP documents, we take the extra step in producing high-quality and highly specialized translations. To facilitate this, we employ translation team members that not only exhibit expertise in translation but also have earned advanced degrees in various technical fields and are knowledgeable in the multinational patent-filing process.

Consistent Terminology Management

MultiLing uses both technology and processes to maintain and update consistent terminology databases, glossaries, dictionaries, and style guides. We’ve learned that terminology management is a crucial step in the IP translation procedure that is essential to the quality of our work and the swiftness of our turnaround times.

Filing Pathways for Your Patent

MultiLing leverages its years of experience and familiarity with multinational patent process to open up timely filing pathways for our clients. No matter the track you decide to take, whether it’s through the European Patent Organization (EPO) or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), MultiLing can guide you every step along the way.

Advanced MultiLing Technology

MultiLing holds a distinct competitive advantage over other translation companies due in large part to our advanced proprietary technologies. These ensure increased quality and fewer errors by providing our teams with:

·         Translation Memory

·         Translation Workflow

·         Project Management

·         Terminology Management

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MultiLing possesses the IP translation expertise to provide your enterprise with accurate, timely, and secure translations. We’re the international translation company that raises the bar for the rest of the industry. No other IP translation company can provide our combination of global connections, skilled teams and advanced technology in order to optimize your commercial patent translation. Contact us and request a bid today.