Patent Translation Services

The Value of Patent Translation Services Patent translation services straddle a pivotal crossroads in the translation industry, demanding both legal and technical expertise from patent translation providers. Patents offer certain legal protections to an enterprise’s intellectual property (IP), maximizing opportunities for profit in both local and international markets. Applying for a patent in a particular jurisdiction [...]

International Patents

MultiLing's Centralized International Patent Process At present, there is no international patent. There are international patent protections in place to help prevent the theft of vital intellectual property. However, applications to the United Nations patent administration, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), merely paves the way for companies and organizations to patent their processes and intellectual assets on [...]

Global Translation Services

 Going Global? When to Think About Global Translation Services Almost from their inception, businesses must weigh the challenges of entering the global marketplace. They have to consider compatible markets and the inevitable cost of employing global translation services to translate their technical documents, legal documents, and corporate communications. Worldwide Translation Challenges Unfortunately many companies get bogged down [...]

Technical Translation Services

Highly Technical Translation Services for Highly Technical Materials In today’s market, scientific companies and technology pioneers must have a global reach. The latest life-saving drug, medical advance, or fuel innovation can lead to clients and business opportunities all across the world. This requires the use of technical translation services. Documentation, manuals, formulas, procedures, and diagrams are [...]

Certified Translation Services

What are Certified Translation Services? Certified translation services offer so much more than merely converting documents from one language into another. Certification adds an extra level of assurance to the translation’s accuracy. This usually comes in the form of a signed document guaranteeing the reliability of the translation. This signed guarantee does not mean the translation [...]

Business Translation Services

Clash of the Tech Titans Business translation services are vital to any corporation with its eyes on the global market. In recent years we’ve seen the leading technology firms waging a global slugfest across international borders: Apple vs. Samsung, Google vs. Apple, Yahoo! vs. Facebook. The majority of these clashes arose over patent infringement. Even the [...]

Commercial Patent Translation

Translating Your Critical Commercial Patents Commercial patent translation is an essential factor when your enterprise decides to go global. In any industry, your patent ensures that you gain and maintain an advantage over your competitors. Filing for a patent in the U.S. is fairly straightforward, but once you begin eying the global markets, the process becomes [...]

Filing for an International Patent

Filing for an International Patent with the EPO and PCT Many enterprises that have recently decided to expand production globally may be wondering how filing for an international patent works. The challenge is that there really isn’t one universal, international patent that will work everywhere. At this time, each and every country has its own patent laws, [...]

International Patent Applications

International Patent Application: Necessary for Growth If your enterprise is successful and expanding across the country at a rapid rate, you’re probably considering going global. However, the idea of filling out international patent applications and the associated translation costs and deadlines can be daunting. MultiLing is the leader in multinational intellectual property (IP) translation. We partner with [...]

Document Translation Company

Why World-Class Enterprises Require a Document Translation Company Like MultiLing For any enterprise operating on the global stage, a document translation company is an essential partner. Everything an enterprise does, from the daily conduct of business to the prosecution of intellectual property (IP) patents, requires the seamless transition of documents from one language to another. Across the [...]