Technical Translation Services

Highly Technical Translation Services for Highly Technical Materials

In today’s market, scientific companies and technology pioneers must have a global reach. The latest life-saving drug, medical advance, or fuel innovation can lead to clients and business opportunities all across the world. This requires the use of technical translation services.

Documentation, manuals, formulas, procedures, and diagrams are needed in a wide variety of languages in order to facilitate international business, but the highly technical nature of scientific language makes translation inherently difficult. Many companies turn to translation teams only to discover that translation isn’t as simple as they perhaps imagined.

For Technical Translations, Bilingualism Isn’t Nearly Enough

Most professional translation services hire teams of native speakers with a background in languages. Unfortunately, there are aspects of language that fail even native speakers. Listen to a presentation on cutting-edge physics in your native language and very often you be at a loss as to what the speaker was communicating.

Similarly, in the case of extremely technical translations, merely translating the words in a document isn’t enough. The translator must understand the terminology of that particularly scientific or legal field in order to properly capture and transfer the meaning into the target language.

MultiLing’s Specialized Technical Translation Teams

MultiLing employs highly skilled translation teams of native speakers that are not only intimately familiar with the source and target languages of your translation, but are also highly educated in the technical field addressed in your project documents.

Many MultiLing translation professionals possess graduate degrees in several technical fields in addition to their training in linguistics and language translation. Each team member is also encouraged to remain up to date on the latest industry terminology and developments in order to keep their degrees relevant to our customers’ fields.

This combination of expertise enables MultiLing to not only offer linguistic proficiency but also technical knowledge no other translation service can match. Whereas other services merely offer you document translation, we provide technical translation services.

Seamless Technical Translation: Just Ask Our Clients

Our clients include some of the foremost innovators in information technology, medical pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and mechanical and automotive systems.

Prior to signing on with MultiLing, they employed several translation teams across the globe with no centralized contact point, no unified way to view their project status, and oftentimes no way to learn the projected dates of completion for their translation orders. It was a frustrating, expensive, drawn-out process.

MultiLing showed them a different way, with a centralized translation system, customized client update dashboards, expert translation teams, and cutting-edge proprietary software. This streamlined method enables us to create translations with shorter turnaround times and greater reliability and accuracy.

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