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New Article: The Importance of Good Translation

For the uninitiated, finding translators sounds easy. Often, inexperienced company executives just entering the international market talk about translating as if it were simple a skill requiring little more than bilingual literacy. In fact, it is much more than that. In a recent article in World Intellectual Property Review, MultiLing CEO Michael Sneddon and translation […]

Article: How to Buy Patent Translation

IP and Technology Magazine IP FRONTLINE currently features an article by MultiLing’s marketing specialist Emmanuel Margetic.”How to Buy Patent Translation” gives companies valuable information on how to find patent translation services that fit their individual demands. “Companies want their intellectual property protected. For the many companies involved in international business, filing patents in multiple countries […]

MultiLing Headlines July Edition of TCWorld Mag

On the front page of its July edition, the internationally acclaimed magazine for information management, TCWorld, features an article written by MultiLing’s marketing expert, Emmanuel Margetic. The article “Ensuring brand integrity with terminology management” is again a treatment about the significant correlation between consistent brand management and professional translation services. A more general approach on […]

New MultiLing Newsletter Is Out

We have just distributed the newest edition of our HTML newsletter featuring information about new MultiLing clients, upcoming events and a very interesting article about company brand consistency. The English version can be found here. We also publish a German version of the MultiLing newsletter, that can be found

What is the Key to Brand Consistency?

In his latest article, MultiLing’s marketing expert Emmanuel Margetic explains why terminology management is a key success factor for consistency of brands whenever messages are translated into other languages. “Most companies recognize the need to control how they use and replicate their logo, but many do not appreciate the necessity of controlling and managing their […]

Guidelines for Translation of Training Materials

Today we would like to draw your attention to another article written by MultiLing`s marketing expert Emmanuel Margetic. “Internationalizing and Localizing Training Materials” was published in the February issue of “Training” – a professional development magazine that has been advocating training and workforce development as a business tool for 46 years.

Be Careful How You Say “I Love you“

Emmanuel Margetic, director of marketing and sales for MultiLing Corporation recently wrote an article that was published in Sales and Marketing Magazine treating the important topic of finding the right words in international business communications. His key thesis: “Just as knowing how to say ‘I love you’ can be more complicated in relationships where barriers […]

Article: The Evolution of Patent Translation

For decades, patents have been allowing inventors and businesses the opportunity to build, create, and evolve great things. There are now nearly two million patent applications filed throughout the world every year. Many of those patents are filed in multiple countries and, therefore, need to be translated. With more than five thousand patents being created […]