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Video Edit: “Centralized Translation is Key to Successful IP”

In April we were reporting about Michael Sneddon’s presentation during the 2012 Global IP Exchange Conference (IQPC) in Munich. “Centralized translation is a primary key to successfully addressing the increased processing rate of national and international patent applications” was one of his key messages during a one-hour presentation. Michael partnered with Hirohito Katsunuma, president of […]

Tech Industry Veteran Lyle Ball Appointed COO

MultiLing headquartes in Provo, Utah welcomes Lyle Ball as new Chief Operation Officer (COO). With nearly 20 years of experience managing or consulting high-tech and clean-energy companies, Ball has spent the past six months strategically advising MultiLing on high-growth strategies related to its market shift to IP translations. As chief operating officer, Ball will now […]

MultiLing in the Utah News: Growth Despite Google

The Daily Herald, Utah Valley’s leading newspaper, just published an article about MultiLing. It’s titled “Provo’s MultiLing growing as translation company despite Google”. Referring to Google Translate, a popular internet translation service with more than 200 Million users, the article points out why a specialized and skilled translation service povider can still grow constantly and […]

Toyota: Internal SNS Translation Service on Trial

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), aiming to encourage greater and more fluid communication between Japanese employees based in Japan and non-Japanese employees at overseas affiliates, has just started a translation service to its global, internal social networking service (SNS). The SNS Translation Center feature drastically improves accuracy over normal machine translations, due to added real-time translation […]

New Approach in Managing Translations: The Linport Project

Thanks to some help from MultiLIng, the translation industry is another step closer to simplifying and standardizing a key part of the translation process: translation package compatibility and high overhead involved in the translation project. In the July/August issue of MultiLingual, Brian Chandler, MultiLing’s executive VP of business development and technolog, co-authored an article describing […]

Unified Patent Court Will Be Split between Paris, London and Munich

The European Council on 29 June concluded the negotiations on the EU’s future unitary patent system. The long-awaited decision paves the way for establishing less expensive, simpler and more efficient patent protection for businesses, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, in the EU. The leaders had to solve the last outstanding issue: the seat of […]

Machine Translation Revisited

Last month, Google Translate celebrated its 6th birthday. According to Google, more than 200 million people use this simple Internet translation service monthly. “What all the professional human translators in the world produce in a year, our system translates in roughly a single day,” said Google Translate engineer Franz Och, who originally invented this Google […]

International “Interpreting the Future” Conference in Berlin, Germany

From 28 to 30 September 2012, the German Interpreters and Translators Association BDÜ will be hosting its 2nd international conference entitled “Interpreting the Future”. Around 150 practically relevant presentations, seminars and workshops, a job exchange and a trade exhibition await the participants. The opening speech will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister […]

Trading Up: MultiLing Among Other Utah Companies is Set for Relocation

Utah Business Magazine – the Magazine for Decision makers recently featured MultiLing’s relocation plans for their headquarters in Provo. “Two full floors of space will be available to MultiLing once it finishes moving to its new location. The current offices provide a single floor, and continued growth caused the company to simply run out of […]

Office Expansion in Japan

We are proud to announce that MultiLing Japan Y.K. has expanded its headquarters to provide additional room for its growing translation and business development teams. The expanded headquarters opened April 2, 2012, and includes new space for presentations on translation best practices as MultiLing continues to drive the movement to standardized and centralized intellectual property […]