Fishing, Smiling and Growing MultiLing in Korea: Meet Sungil Choi, General Manager, Korea

Sung Choi, General Manager of MultiLing in Korea

Sung Choi, General Manager of MultiLing in Korea

Q: How long have you been with the company?
A: I’ve been with MultiLing for 10 years. In 2003, I was the only Korean at the company. I was hired as a chemical expert when we did a test project for P&G. The project was a success. I later told Michael Sneddon that I would like to go to Korea when MultiLing expanded there. Michael just smiled and I think he doubted that it would happen so quickly. In 2008, however, we set up our Korean branch and I managed the local office remotely from the United States. Finally, I went to Korea about three years ago and I have been running the office ever since.

Q: What is your oldest memory of the company?
A: It may seem odd, but my earliest memory is of the fish tank that was in the office when I first started at MultiLing. There was a clownfish – NEMO – in the tank and I am amazed to say that this same fish is still alive. I believe Michael’s youngest child picked it out. Personally, I love fish (not to eat, but to watch) and I also love to go fishing. I breed fish and I have 14 small and mid-size fish tanks in Korea – I love fish that much!

Q: Can you describe a day in your life at MultiLing?
A: I always start my day with a big smile and I believe this will make other people smile as well. As a country manager I am wearing several hats – operations, sales, HR, accounting, managing our vendors and freelancers and help our employees develop professionally. Every day I help our operations team meet deadlines for our clients. I also help the sales team grow our company in Korea by visiting our clients with them. I also visit our vendors and freelancers to train them. About 10 years ago, I was the only Korean staff member and now we have 13 full-time Korean employees, work with several Korean vendors where we are their main client, and many freelancers. This means a lot to me.

Q: How have you seen the company change in the last year?
A: Last year brought a lot of big changes for the better. There are many new people from the bottom to the top of the organization and that has come with new strategies and policies. At first, I felt a little lost and it was hard to accept all the new changes while I was gone from the corporate office. However, after meeting with some of the new executives, I had a better understanding of what was happening and am satisfied with and excited for the direction the company is taking. I like this new atmosphere of working hard at work and playing hard after work is done. Also, I’ll admit that I like the new policy of being able to wear jeans on Friday — it gives me flexibility and yet doesn’t hurt our productivity.

Q: How have you seen the company change since you started?
A: There are many more people and a lot more energy. I like it!