With more than 25 years specializing in IP translation and related services for patent filings, MultiLing knows what works for Global 500 legal teams.

In fact, our ongoing investment in translation technology, including machine translation, terminology management, and collaborative workflow ensures consistent quality translations for the specific industries we serve.

Contact us today to see how we facilitate the translation process with technologies that cover:


MultiLing’s translation memory tools allow translation teams to reuse and leverage past approved translations–and preserve formatting throughout the translation process.


MultiLing works closely with our clients to streamline the consistent use of predefined terminology specific to their internal vernacular, as well as that of their target industries and geographies. Our software captures terms and tracks the source of the term, the date the term was entered, who entered it, and other related information.


Our collaborative workflow management system recognizes the source languages, target languages, document attributes and other project-specific items, and will automatically associate the source files with the most pertinent approved translation memories and dictionaries.