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Legal document translation services are not for the average translator.

Proper sentence structure, correct syntax, and appropriate word selection are essential because even minor errors can lead to reduced scope or prosecution complications. That’s where MultiLing’s industry experience and legal expertise make all the difference. MultiLing’s legal translation services offer qualified legal document translators who are attorneys as well as experienced linguists. All meet the following minimum standards:

  • Fluency in both source and target languages
  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree
  • Five years (or more) of translation experience
  • Native speaker living in home country
  • General knowledge of legal systems and terminology for both source and target languages
  • Signed confidentiality agreement

Reduce Risk

A missed translation deadline can render a court document null. MultiLing’s advanced workflow management system, backed by veteran project managers, ensures consistent and timely delivery.

Manage Costs

Assigning MultiLing to translate your legal documents often makes the process more cost efficient. Our nominal service fee compares favorably with most alternative fee schedules.

Shrink Overhead

Let us be your dedicated project management team. Centralizing your patent and legal translation services reduces your administrative overhead, freeing your staff to focus their efforts on high-value work.


All Legal

For decades, MultiLing has provided expert legal translation services to clients around the world. Our processes, technology, and experienced legal translators enable us to take on a wide array of legal document types, including:

Contracts | Pleadings | Certifications | Declarations | Memoranda | Statements of Work (SOW) | Settlement Agreements | Financial Agreements and Statements | Compliance/Regulatory Documentation | HR Policies, Procedures and Directives

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