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While your inside or outside counsel reviews all office actions, you may still need translation services.

Although your counsel may be an expert in semiconductor patent law, she probably isn’t fluent in Thai. MultiLing offers discounted office action translation services to help our clients minimize translation costs and improve confidence in their examination responses.

Improve Transparency

Many legal invoices don’t itemize translation expenses related to office actions, which obscures actual costs. MultiLing sheds light on expenses tied to office actions while ensuring translation quality is top-notch.

Manage Costs

Because they are internal documents, office actions do not generally require premium translation. MultiLing offers a reference quality service, which provides suitable translation at a discounted rate.

Simplify Support

We’re on-call post-submission to translate office actions in a timely fashion (usually two or three months). MultiLing is there for you until each office action rejection has been resolved in a timely fashion.


Ounce of Prevention

Our top-quality patent translation reduces the number of office actions relating to translation error by giving linguists access to client terminology databanks. Glossary management ensures consistency of key terms across all translated client material.

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