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Other Legal Documentation

Patents aren’t the only legal documents that might require translations for multinational enterprises. For example, human resource contracts, prosecution documents, SEC filings, tax forms, license applications, etc., must often be translated into a myriad of languages to be sure all promises are understood between parties and/or to satisfy the legal requirements of the country in which you are doing business.

Business Translation Services

Patents are the headwater of your company’s technical business document translation needs. All downstream documents result from your R&D and patent development. Leverage the investments in your patent and IP translation—including translator familiarity, terminology memory and streamlined project management—into your technical documentation.

Technical Material Translations

Reaching Your Global Audience

We Speak Your Language … In Any Language

An organization’s technical materials—from software documentation to websites to information brochures—influence the reader’s perception of the organization, and, subsequently, the quality of its products and services. As a result, translating word for word is not sufficient. Each document must be localized in a way that elicits the same reaction in the target languages as was intended in its original language.

MultiLing’s business translation services make this possible with proven best practices and in-country native linguists, scientists, engineers and legal specialists who intimately know the technical nature of the science, subject matter, industry and language in question—besides understanding nuances specific to their own countries.

In fact, for more than 25 years, MultiLing has translated hundreds of millions of words into more than 100 language combinations for Global 500 companies—such as Teradyne.

Formality Preparation and Country-Specific Patent Formatting

MultiLing Gives Your Documents the Quality Look You Need—Every Time

Translating to and from the world’s diverse business languages can significantly change a document’s graphical layout, often requiring additional space to accommodate different character counts or writing directions. Also, foreign patent filing has specific requirements and nuances for each country. To ensure that translated documents retain the same level of accuracy and visual appeal across multiple languages, MultiLing provides country-specific formatting and desktop publishing services around the clock in the time zones and languages important to our global enterprise customers.

When coupled with MultiLing’s expertise in translating in more than 80 languages and 120 countries, our business translation services provide clients with project efficiency gains and data-based project management and analysis capabilities.