USPTO Announces the Global Patent Search Network – Chinese Patent Documentation

In an effort to expand the coverage of worldwide patent collections, USPTO announces the launch of its Global Patent Search Network. This new search network provides streamlined search capability to multiple international patent collections and makes patent research easier and more comprehensive.

As a result of cooperative effort with the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese patent documentation is now available for search and retrieval in the inaugural release of this search network. Accessible from the USPTO website, the data available includes both full text Chinese patents and English machine translations enabling users to search Chinese patent documents in the English or Chinese language. Users can search documents including published applications, granted patents and utility models from 2008 to 2011 in this collection, which will periodically be updated with more current data.

This new search tool delivers to the public, as well as patent examiners, an additional source of foreign patent collections. Furthermore, the immediate availability of English machine translations will effectively address the language barrier and allow for quick analysis of the relevancy of the prior art while reducing the need for costly human translations. Machine translation technology can sometimes generate awkward wording, but it provides an excellent way to determine the gist of the information in a foreign patent.

USPTO believes that the introduction of the Global Patent Search Network and the future inclusion of additional foreign patent collections will be a valuable tool for improving search quality and comprehensiveness in today’s global IP market.

Additionally, in support of the federal government’s responsibility to achieve cost, agility, and innovation benefits of cloud computing, the Global Patent Search Network is the first patent-related initiative to use cloud technology. This cloud computing solution will provide public value by increasing the operational efficiency and allow USPTO  to respond faster to the needs of the public and examiners of USPTO.


(source: USPTO Director’s Forum Blog)