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Prior Art

Expert professional document
translation of foreign patent art.
How novel.

When you receive an International Search Report (ISR) during patent examination, chances are you’ll need a translation of the prior art.

Machine translation generally falls short in offering the clarity you need to contrast inventions. MultiLing’s network of experienced translators, with advanced degrees in your business’ technology, offer you translation you can trust.

Reduce Risk

The quality of your prior art translation can impact how you interpret a patent and influence the decisions you make when managing patent protection. For quality translations, make sure you have MultiLing’s expert linguists on your side.

Manage Costs

You shouldn’t have to pay a premium to translate documents you won’t publish. MultiLing offers a discounted reference quality service while still giving you access to our network of highly qualified, expert linguists.

Simplify Translation

Involve MultiLing in all of your professional document translation projects. As we manage your requests, we build glossaries that continuously improve the consistency of translation and shrink overhead by creating process efficiencies.

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