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Peter Fischer Sees Success in “Happy Clients Who Value Our Service”


Peter Fischer

Peter Fischer has been with MultiLing just over a year. In October 2012, he was pleased to join a company in his specialty field of intellectual property and was hired as the director of business development for Europe. Peter works from MultiLing’s office in Starnberg, Germany, and is enjoying seeing the business “take off” with a growing team and growing client base in Europe.

What is one of your first memories at MultiLing?

After one week in my new position, I attended my first congress as a MultiLing exhibitor. This was challenging. But after just a few hours, I felt like I had been part of the MultiLing family for years. I met many nice clients and also learned a lot about the translation market.

What are your responsibilities?  

When I started, I was a “one-man-show” in Europe on the sales side, and now I have hired my first team member. This is an important step in our growth strategy and allows me to be more focused on working with our existing client base as well as with potential new clients.

What is unique about working from Germany on IP translation projects?  

We work with large corporations based in Europe, as well as with European subsidiaries of global organizations. Of course, there are differences in the cultures throughout Europe, but being in IP is a common link. In IP we do see some German influences, like being very detail oriented and 200 percent correct. However, people in the intellectual property sector mainly identify as a part of a European or global community.

What do you like about working at MultiLing?  

As a part of an international team, I take responsibility for growing MultiLing sales. I very much enjoy working with the growing number of clients, especially as projects become larger and require more global interaction. I also have found many new friends in the different MultiLing offices.

How has MultiLing changed since you started?

In the last year MultiLing made a huge step forward: New structures, improved processes and changed responsibilities. A lot happened and is still happening — we are becoming stronger and more efficient as we serve our clients. MultiLing had a strong operational organization for many years and now has developed a world-class sales team to tell our clients how we can serve them best. This drives our business and our clients’ businesses.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment with MultiLing? 

The greatest accomplishment is always a happy client who values our service and our quality.

How do you expect the company to change this year, its 25th anniversary? 

I believe MultiLing’s 25th anniversary year has been marked by more collaboration across the global MultiLing family. This has supported our growth strategy and helped us overcome potential bumps during take-off.

Where do you hope the company and industry are 25 years from now? 

Looking forward another 25 years is a long time. I expect many changes in the market. Companies will have to deliver more service compared to today and I believe MultiLing will fulfill those new client needs. We will continue to provide thought leadership in our field of expertise that will lead MultiLing to a bright future.