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Stop Making These Three Patent Filing Mistakes, Says Our Jeremy Coombs

In an article on today’s IPFrontline.com, senior VP of operations at MultiLing, Jeremy Coombs, outlined what he sees as the three biggest patent filing mistakes companies are making when drafting and filing their patent applications domestically and worldwide. While his suggestions on how to combat them won’t guarantee zero risk, they will decrease the chance of unnecessary litigation when patent filing and better prepare you to fight the litigation if it arises.

While the full article can be read at http://ipfrontline.com/2016/01/three-biggest-gaffes-that-increase-the-risk-of-patent-litigation/, here are some points that will paint the picture:

  1. Be aware of what’s on the market so you’ll be more aware of the uniqueness of your product.
  2. Make sure your original patent application is accurate and clear, which, according to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO Michelle K. Lee, give patent owners “a clear notice of the boundaries of their patent rights.” It also helps ensure subsequent applications in other languages begin with accurate and clear content.
  3. Ensure your patent translation service providers employs true experts – in-country, native speakers intimately familiar with the cultural nuances critical to how words are used or phrased, as well as experts in the science of your invention and patent law in the countries in which you’re seeking protection.

Are you already doing the above, or have you suffered from mistakes you – or your company – have made when filing for patent protection? We’d love to speak with you about how MultiLing’s team of native linguists, scientists, engineers and legal specialists can help you decrease the risk of litigation.

IP Index Correlates Strong IP Protection with Thriving Economies

While people continue to debate whether patents spur or stifle innovation, the recently published 2015 International IP Index from the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce draws correlations between strong IP protections and thriving innovative economies. Namely:

  • Economies with robust IP environments yield 50 percent more innovative output compared to countries with IP regimes in need of improvement.
  • Economies with favorable IP regimes employ more than half their workforce in knowledge-intensive sectors.
  • Companies in economies with advanced IP systems are 40 percent more likely to invest in R&D.
  • Economies with beneficial IP protection see 9-10 times more life sciences investment than countries with weak IP protections.

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IPO 2014: MultiLing is at Booth 301

Welcome to Vancouver! Not only is it home of the IPO Annual Meeting 2014, but also of the Gelato World Tour North America winners – Bella Gelateria. Perhaps you can enjoy some of the local flavor on us when you stop by the MultiLing booth (#301) and ask, “Gelato, anyone?”

We have global flair and international goodies to share, too. Who can resist a good chat about improving your IP translation and foreign patent filing processes over a good bar of European chocolate? That’s what we’re talking about.


MultiLing CFO David Urry, COO Lyle Ball and Reneé Inman, Business Development Manager, along with Matt Goldberg, Regional Account Manager, look forward to meeting you and sharing how you can benefit from MultiLing services.

MultiLing pioneers best practices in IP and patent translation services that help enterprises reduce the total cost of patent ownership with faster time to grant and foreign patents that are better able to withstand prosecution. MultiLing’s streamlined translation process, as well as technologies such as terminology management and translation memory, helps clients optimize timelines and costs for their most important assets.

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