Welcome to the New MultiLing Blog

Dear Readers,

We have updated our platform to give our readers an even better view of the worldwide translation industry and related topics. We at MultiLing know that the translations business is much more than just transferring words from one language into another. As a worldwide operating company with more than 500 associated translators all over the world and offices in the US, Germany, Italy, Peru, Korea, and Japan, we know a lot about cultural differences, the meaning of words, and using technology to bridge linguistic and cultural barriers. In this new, magazine-style blog we desire to give you a look into MultiLing’s international approach and allow our staff to share their own thoughts and cultural identities.

Another goal for this blog is to inform you, on a regular basis, about specific topics in our core business fields. Patent translation is one of these fields where we have gained substantial knowledge and experience during the past years. Political issues regarding translation requirements for international patents will be discussed as well as best practice examples from MultiLing’s full-service patent application process including translation, filing and co-operation with associated patent lawyers.

The use of Web 2.0 means enabling active two-way communication. With the MultiLing blog, we hope to start a lively discussion on any translation-related issues that might be of interest for our readers. Therefore, we invite you to please comment on our articles, submit your feedback, register for regular updates, suggest your own topics, and feel free to get in contact with the editors whenever you like.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Sneddon

CEO MultiLing Corporation